Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How much more convincing do we have to be?

I've been working on the Case Statement today, that means reading through reams of studies, cost-benefit analyses, research summaries. It's so overwhelmingly clear that involving parents of young children in specific and intense school readiness activities makes a huge difference. A difference that lasts and that saves society money and heartache. I feel happy and sad, vindicated and defeated, optimistic and exhausted...The good thing is that the evidence is so clear and compelling. I am having no problem whatsoever finding research and data to support HIPPY.

For example:

  • Poverty in Texas increased from 42% in 2000 to 56% in 2005
  • Preschool services for 3 year olds in Texas went down by 24% last year, with only 4.1% of children served, and only 46% of 4 year olds served
  • Cost of Pre-K in Texas is $2,707 per child
  • Cost of HIPPY in Texas is $1,050 per child
  • 66% of children were deemed "ready for school" according to Kindergarten Teachers
  • 93% of HIPPY children were rated "Ready for School" in terms of Classroom Behavior, by their Kindergarten Teachers
  • 90% of HIPPY children were rated "Ready for School" in terms of their Classroom Adaptability, by their Kindergarten Teachers
What's exhausting is that even though the evidence is there, the support still needs to be built. Oh well, making a difference, however I can....

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