Thursday, October 05, 2006

Trainer's Retreat

I just finished attending 3 days of meeting and training with the State Directors and HIPPY USA National Trainers. Wow! It's always so much fun to reconnect with this group of wonderful, wild and wise women (and one man, don't think I forgot you Dabaram!) who have and continue to make a difference! Change is inevitable and there are lots of them coming up! We have an interim Executive Director, Sandee Bennett, and the board is looking for a permanent executive director and mapping out the future of our organization. More than ever there are lots of questions, lots of unknowns, and many ideas of what could/should be done!

We got a lot done, although we didn't reach consensus (how could we with so many opinionated and strong personalities, myself included!). We did ALL AGREE that the only way the new process for the SAVI and Adaptations will work is if we respect each other's committment and professional judgement, go in with an open mind and communicate with each other about visits. (At least, that's what I came away with...) I really like how the three days ended, with many of us giving testimonials on our committment to HIPPY, to the national office, and wanting to do more to help and support HIPPY become stronger than ever.

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