Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Changes at HIPPY USA

Today I learned that the Board of Trustees at HIPPY USA has decided to move the national office from New York City to Little Rock Arkansas! Elisabet's resignation, taking effect in September, was the begining of major changes. I am relieved that a decision has been made and we can move forward. The sad thing is that there are many staff members who will probably decide to not make the move because of their ties to NY.

I have no doubt that in the long run the national network will greatly benefit from the resources and support available from Arkansas Children's Hospital where HIPPY USA will be located. I'm sure we will all have to be flexible and creative in the interim as the transition happens. There are so many things that are always in process that will be affected: new program development, national conference planning, support to local programs, contracts, MIS questions, etc.

My hope is that this move will bring a new era of revitalization, growth and success to HIPPY.

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