Thursday, December 03, 2009


We're so thankful to the staff of the Center for Nonprofit Management( who generously sponsored a HIPPY family for the holidays. When they heard the plight of Alma G and her husband, they went all out and purchased gifts for the children, glasses, gift certificates for a grocery store and collected gently used clothing for all the family members. You see, Alma G. and her husband (Ernesto Sr.) have three children who are 2, 4, and 8 years old. The 4-year old, Ernesto Jr., has respiratory problems which causes him to use a breathing machine. Ernesto Sr. just lost his job and Alma is unable to work due to her own health problems (Alma is often very sick with a blood disease called sarcoidosis). The clinic where she used to receive medical treatment has recently stopped filling her medication due to the family’s inability to pay. The family has one car but it is up for sale. The 8 year old daughter, Ruby, needs glasses but Alma and her husband cannot afford them. The family lives in a mobile home that is behind in rent and have been threatened with eviction. At times, the nearby neighbors assist the family with food and rent when possible.

Thanks CNM Staff! Your generosity made a big difference in the holidays for a family who needed us!

PIC: CNM staff with their generous contribution

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