Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Blessings

Everyone is accounted for
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This year for the first time, we were able to organize a drive to sponsor Christmas for 2 HIPPY families in great need. Both the Center for Non Profit Management and the tenants of the Meadows Executive Suites stepped up and generously fulfilled wishlists and donated money for gift cards to our two families in need. Both families were so appreciative and grateful to the generosity of strangers. Issa, pictured here, said "Now we can put a tree up. We have something to put under it." One of the donors mentioned to me "My daughter and I spent more time on that purchase than any other gift we bought this year...because we knew it would mean so much to that 11 year old little girl." This is a season of making lists, pressured purchases and overwhelming days. And yet, for too many parents, it's another in a series of disappointments and reminders that they cannot provide their children with that fairy tale holiday moment. While we adults can face "anything", there's nothing so hurtful as the disappointment of a child. As we head into 2010, I wish everyone the best in health, wealth, happiness and the ability to step back, give back and count our blessings!

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