Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Praying for Rain

AmeriCorps grants are for 3 years. This year our third year is up, and we submitted a recompete grant for another 3 year cycle. It's always a nervous time ~ we need to build on what we've learned, raise the bar, build on efficiencies. Soon after submitting the grant, I heard that the House passed Fiscal Year 2010 Funding Bill for ServiceOmnibus providing $1.149 billion to Corporation for National and Community Service. This figure fully funds the President's request for FY10 and is the largest appropriation in CNCS history. The bill now awaits passage by the Senate before it can be sent to the President to sign into law. The current Continuing Resolution (CR) expires on December 18th, though Congress could approve another CR to keep agencies funded if the Omnibus does not become law before that date.

Now I feel like the farmer...I've put the seeds in, and am prayin' for rain...

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