Thursday, August 21, 2008

Communication Exercise

Communication Exercise
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The annual Coordinator's Retreat always marks the begining of our program year. This year we rolled out a new training design we developed for sites coordinators to use with their Home Instructors. We presented them with "phase I" which provides them with approximately 6.5 hours of training to be provided during orientation and by week 10 of the HIPPY curriculum. We will be meeting again in October to develop more training modules together, and then in November at the Kick Off. In November we will provide them with "Phase II" which is the training materials for weeks 11-30+.

One thing we did differently this year was that we presented to them the first day, and the second day they presented to each other. They were divided into teams and prepared one of 4 training modules, as well as an ice breaker. Here Gabriella is debriefing a warm up activity that focuses on team work and communication. Those are two themes that came up time and time again in a survey of training needs that we did in April.

As always, it's great seeing everyone, and this year we walked away revved up with new energy and training ideas and materials. HIPPY New Year!

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