Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Texas HIPPY = University of North Texas+AmeriCorps+Meadows Foundation

Whenever I have to introduce myself I usually say “I’m Carla Weir, the director of the Texas HIPPY Center. We’re an AmeriCorps funded project. I’m on staff at the University of North Texas and housed at the Meadow’s Foundation Executive Suites”. This usually registers a flicker of confusion and eventually I’ll have to give a deeper explanation. Here’s that explanation. HIPPY is a national and international program model that is implemented by a sponsoring agency such as a school district or non-profit organization. Texas HIPPY is the training and technical assistance office for the 9 HIPPY sites in Texas and is sponsored by the University of North Texas which is in Denton, TX. Our primary source of funding is from AmeriCorps. Our little 4 person office is not housed at the University. We have been generously provided office space by the Meadow’s Foundation Executive Suites where we’re co-housed with other small non-profit operations. This all goes to show how complicated and seemingly fragile non-profit programming is! It's no wonder my Dad always says "Honey, I’ll never understand how all that works….”


crazy working mom said...

Thanks for stopping by!

We ♥ HIPPY in our house. My 3 year old just started this year and my 5 year old is in the Kindergarten program.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment, it's great to hear from a HIPPY mom!

Carla Weir, TX HIPPY Director