Thursday, December 13, 2007

MIS Online

Where the MIS Magic Happens....
Hector Bojorquez of IDRA and David Tisdale of Texas HIPPY

MIS is the Management Information System, and this year we're fortunate to have entered into a partnership with Intercultural Development Research Association that allows us develop an online MIS for Texas HIPPY. As an online system, the MIS will be more user friendly, provide greater and yet more secure access to data and provide us with the ability to have up to date and real time access to the progress of HIPPY in Texas.

Our online system is being developed as part of the Parent Information Resource Center at IDRA. This move is helping bring HIPPY documentation and data management into the internet. Behind the scenes, a great deal of discussion and information management design had to take place before the heard work of designing an online system could begin. The person tasked with putting the MIS online is Hector Bojorquez of IDRA.

We are so thankful to our partnership with IDRA which will allow us to provide a user friendly program management resource to our HIPPY sites across Texas.

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