Friday, March 02, 2007

Stellar Texas Sites

(Maria Herrera of Fort Worth and Miriam Rios of Grand Prairie)
It's "site visit season" and our Texas programs are shining stars! In their first and second year of implementation, HIPPY programs are provided with on-site training and technical assistance in order to successfully implement the HIPPY model.

Begining in the program's third year, HIPPY USA sends a national trainer to assess each site. The trainer observes and assesses each component of the HIPPY program on site. Observations and documentation review is done on the implementation of the HIPPY training, use of the curriculum, home visits, group meetings, outreach and collaboration and organization of files and documentation.

A Self Assessment and Validation Instrument (SAVI) is used to identify programmatic strengths and weaknesses as well as the site's fidelity to the HIPPY model. This site visit takes up to three days and results in a report on each program component, including the site's self assessment and the trainer's assessment. Based on the trainer's assessment a report is written and submitted to HIPPY USA for review. HIPPY USA then designates some programs as "Stellar".

We're so proud of ALL our Texas HIPPY programs, and particularly want to congratulate our newly designated Stellar Sites:

  • Yolanda Smith, Dallas

  • Jessica Flores, Dallas

  • Kathy White, Snyder

  • Miriam Rios, Grand Prairie

And, our existing Stellar sites:

  • Pamela Payton, Dallas
    Marcela Montes and Joe Gloria, Irving

  • Kit Prince and Maria Loera, Richardson

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