Monday, September 18, 2006

Something New

It's a good time to start a blog! It's been 3 years and we're up for competitive again. This means that we are competing with everyone else who wants AmeriCorps funding. I am hoping that I made the right decision to recompete this year and not take the carrot last year when it was offered. The way I saw it, this allowed me another year of funding, last year and the three next years. The ones who competed last year shorted themselves one year of their three year cycle. It's complicated...

I just came back from Laredo last week and it's up and running. Two years ago we were approached by a private donor who wanted to provide funds for starting up HIPPY in Laredo. He's a native Laredoan who has lived in Israel his adult life and wants to give back to his community! Two years and many emails, phone calls and visits later it's a reality!!!! The picture above is of Jesse and Esther, the Laredo team implementing the program, Mendel who has donated funds to start HIPPY, and Richard who works at Texas A&M International University and was closely involved with all the logistics of starting up!

That's all for now--I need to work on the grant application!

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