Friday, September 22, 2006

Dog and Kitty City

I've had time to reflect a wee bit on a great experience we had yesterday! We did a collaborative service project and swearing in together with YMCA MAAP AmeriCorps, Habitat AmeriCorps and Red Cross AmeriCorps. It was so much fun to get a hands on project done together and to see 70 people put their hands to work for such a wonderful cause. Within the chaos of working in 12 teams we started or completed sheetrocking a water damaged room, repainting the hallway, scraping doors for repainting, replacing two corners of the water damaged mansard roof, landscaping maintenance of the front yard, and had a lot of fun walking dogs, petting cats and enjoying pizza and camraderie.

We heard from Felisha, the volunteer coordinator there today, and she says "I am still physically (and emotionally) recovering from yesterday's big event, but did not want this day to end without sending you all my
heartfelt thank you. We're so grateful for your efforts to get us started on this renovation project. A great big Bow WOW and Meow WOW from the furry friends." Her closing remarks yesterday were so moving and reminded us that there is so much good to be done in the world!

Check out the link below and see our swearing in ceremony:

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