Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cauliflower Ear

Today I was on the phone all day. I had three long conference calls, one at 10am, one at 12:00 and the last at 3:00. ear started to feel flat and I wondered what kind of effect it has on your brain to just listen to a tiny and tinny voice all day....The thing is, all three of the calls were so absorbing that I didn't have the time to multi task and work on the computer or check email at the same time.

Having three conference calls in one day is another reminder to me of how important technology has become in our jobs, and in education it's probably less prevalent than in the corporate world. I remember when I first started working at DISD as the parent involvement coordinator and then HIPPY coordinator, back in 1988...It took a while for me to even get a phone assigned to me, any contacts I made were done in PERSON! Wow...and after more than a year I got a computer!!! woo-hoo...the thing is, we were WAY ahead of the curve, compared to many other departments...My first computer was mac desktop and I used it to basically make fliers and write letters.

I know we are a lot more productive now, we generate more documents, share more information with more people, etc. When I do go out though, when I make a site visit, shake someone's hand, give someone a hug, look them in the eye and talk one on one...THAT's when I feel like I'm really making a difference. I hope that never changes.

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